2 Ways to Start Earning from Stock Photo Websites

Make Money from Stock Photo

As much as we want to start a website and fill those with contents because of plans of making money, some people just could not because they aren’t inclined to writing. What they do not know is that the legitimate ways to make money online is not only limited with that aspect. Other than the contents needed for a website, of course, images are as well important. This is where photographers then can have their chances even those in which photography is only part of their hobby. A student perhaps with his or her own camera can still take chances.

However, this is can only be considered as a sideline among the legitimate ways to make money online especially to exceptional photographers, you can’t expect big earnings here. But for students who want an extra income, you can definitely try this one.

1. Look for Stock Photo Websites and sign up

Sell Stock PhotosThe simple steps only include finding your chosen stock photo website; sign up or make your own account; upload photos for your own portfolio and submit those for approval. If some of your photos are approved either someone will buy it or use it for license, this is then the time you’ll start earning.

The following websites you can try are the following:

The registration is free so everyone can try this.

2. Choose Photographs that sell well

There will always be rejections but you can avoid this if you actually know what images that are being sold well. The very typical are those simple images because people usually look for photos where they can edit and republish in their own website. These are the images that are taken on a white background as such are easily edited in Photoshop.