3 Stages on How To earn Through Paid Reviews

The tip that you can usually receive from a number of friends on how to make money off a blog is through writing articles. However, what they have not shared yet is the other tip regarding writing reviews.

In the internet world, you can actually make money on almost anything that interests the netizens on reading. But take note, not all netizens are readers of such articles, sometimes they just surf the net for games and stuffs. The only similarity is that almost everyone is considered a consumer. This is then, where paid reviews can be inserted because even gamers, read reviews before starting a particular game. Whether it is a bad or a good review or even both, good earnings can still be expected. Now this leaves you a question on how to make money off a blog through paid reviews.

Assuming that you already have your blog, here are three stages you undergo on how to make money off a blog through paid reviews:

  1. Incorporating affiliate links

    Since you are still starting a few product reviews, what you can do is try to incorporate product affiliate links. So, at least you can already start earning as well. The more reviews you make, the greater chances for them to rank in google.

  2. Submitting blog to paid-to-review sites

    Once you already get the hang of writing reviews, mastered the basics of reviewing and others, you can try submitting your blog to sites where merchants hang out and look for people to review for their products.

  3. Great opportunities of merchants

    Finally, if you can already consider yourself as an expert or you think your reviewing skills can already be, it’s the merchants themselves who will reach out to you. Especially, if your blog is properly SEOd, then your earning can be increasingly high.