3 Top Wayst To Start Earning From Your Fashion Blog

How to make money off a blog is not anymore a big deal for the long running fashion bloggers as they have already become an expert with it. Thousands of dollars must have already been passed on to their wallet monthly. But as for you, there are still tons to know, master and learn about. If you think, you’re current fashion blog is just a hobby, then listen carefully as it can truly turn into a money-earner alongside your full time jobs or full time classes.

Fashion Blogging

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The digital era is getting inseparable as brand owners and agencies are as well expanding their marketing strategies online. Thus, writers are not anymore closely limited or focus to their employers but as well have small loop holes to anyone who might need them. Once a particular brand or company spot them, an email is sent right away requesting for a sponsored post in exchange of a link back to their brand’s website that can help drive more traffic. They can either provide a payment or products after the task has been done.

Product Review

Another strategy on how to make money off a blog about fashion is to write an honest product review. This time instead, it will be you who will request this one. The approval will all depend on how your conversation will turn out.

But as soon as it got approved, you will stick to your promise to provide an honest product review. In exchange, the product you’ll be reviewing is given for free.

Affiliate Schemes

Affiliate promotions can also be a great addition to your earnings. Amazon is one good example where you have your own affiliate link that you can post in your blog. The more purchased items being made through your affiliate click, the more earnings you will get. The same thing also works with iTunes and Apple’s app store.

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