4 Internet Marketing Ways for your Local Business to Start Earning Money Online

Local business marketing is definitely the most essential among the legit ways to make money online. In simple words, it is internet marketing for local business which is now considered as the bread and butter of today’s digital age. A proof is that even a small business like a flower shop already has its own website. The problem is, the others are not aware of this yet and limits its presence to the local market only.

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1. Making Use of Local Keywords

The good thing about venturing local marketing from among the legit ways to make money online is that local keywords competition is low. Because of the fact that you are only targeting a local market makes almost everything easier starting from ranking in google and getting searched by your local market consumers. You try to be more specific with the keywords you choose. “Flower shop” for example is not a local keyword as it targets a wide range of market. Make it more specific then by adding another keyword like “home town” or the name of the local place.

2. Adding Incoming Links with Local Keywords

The importance of incoming links is for your website to rank higher in Google search getting more chances to be found. Plus, if such links are also using local keywords gives you more and higher chances. Try to look for high pr websites that are using local keywords but not necessarily the same local keywords because for sure they have already targeted a local market.

3. Contact Detail Page

Contact detail page is the most essential part when creating your own website. This is somehow the very page your audience would go directly once they are interested with your products and services.

4. Using Google Maps

Google Maps is already the new yellow directory. This is where almost all local business can already be found and the first site people go to once they search for a particular place.

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