4 Tips To Start Earning Through Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another strategy on improving your skills that way improving your chances on how to get money off a blog more. Its popularity started 2-3 years ago because of its advantages of dominating a particular market, helping in building a brand and provide more SEO backlinks to increase rankings.

Guest Blogging

Today, it has been widely used as a medium to write quality content to represent a brand. But right at this instant, below are tips to on how to get money off a blog through guest blogging.

#1 Market Your Skills

Marketing your skills is the first thing to done in order to attract future prospects and clients. You can achieve this through guest blogging on other blogs. Make sure the articles you write are all in good quality to fully showcase your skills. You can start guest blogging that is within your field or in any as long as there are companies that need marketing.
Make a “hire me” page in your blog and put its link to every article you guest blog so to easily contact and track you .

#2 Try Freelance Job Boards

Instead of waiting for clients to directly contact you for guest blogging, another way on how to get money off a blog is through freelance job boards. You will encounter a lot of guest blogging jobs that perfectly apply to you.

#3 Contacting SEO/Marketing Companies

Another tip of guest blogging is to contact the company itself. Like a sales conversation / transaction, sell yourself while offering your skills for guest blogging job. But choose the ones that are very important and with relevant figures. Do not make a hobby of sending mass emails to random companies.

#4 Search At Google

The King of the net Google can be the best place to actually look for guest blogging offers. Sample keywords that you can use can be the following: paid guest blogger needed, guest blogger for hire, guest blogger needed for quality backlinks and etc. You can refine the results to more specific by adding a particular topic / field that you are expert with. For example, paid guest blogger needed + weight loss.

What is Google’s view on guest blogging for links?