4 Tools To Double Your Affiliate Marketing Earnings

As almost everyone would say that Affiliate Marketing may not really be the one and best among legitimate ways to make money online, they are actually wrong. They must have just done it wrong or they lack the important stuffs and tools to help their affiliate marketing earnings kick off. Below are 4 tools you would not believe that can actually help your earnings.

1. Analytic Tool or Software

Let us face it putting any affiliate product in your website may not really be a good idea especially to bloggers who have already permanent readers. For example your blog is about pets and you try to put a women clothing affiliate product that would terribly be unrelated and wrong. Your reader in the end would be confuse and might not anymore visit your site. But unless it is clothing for pet animals, then that would be no problem.

An analytic tool on the other hand, tells you how many traffic in your site, where they come from, what page they end up, bounce rate, page views and what keywords are being used as they find you. This way, you would know what exactly products you are supposed to put.

2. Tracking codes for Affiliate Links

Tracking codes for affiliate links in another way can help you by tracking down the sources where the clicks come from. It tells you which web pages perform better and in what place or location your banner ads performs or convert better.

3. Related Products Feature

Adding related products feature is a trick in making more sales. Of course when people tries to buy something, they surely will find those with a lot of reviews or those that are being bought by everyone.

For example:

• frequently bought together section

• customers who bought this item also bought section

• what other items do customers buy after viewing this item section

4. Your own strategy

Having affiliate marketing as the trickiest among legitimate ways to make money online is to create your own strategy. Think of ways that you can do more sales—a special offer perhaps or unique bonuses.