6 Things To Start Getting Your Blogs Viral

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is considered the most efficient and effective technique when it comes to spreading a message. This should be something that inspires people and let themselves spread the message as well.

  1. Don’t Play Safe

    What most people would usually do is always playing safe for the fear of rejection or they are just afraid of taking risks. You don’t actually have to please everyone always. Viral marketing is driven by pure emotions. Be committed and make a stand. This is something that excites people.

  2. Do Something Out of the Box

    Almost everyone is doing thing just within the box and only those who are courageous enough are able to do it out of the box. Try something that no one has done it yet. An example of a viral marketing campaign was a youtube video from Blandtec. They became popular due to the stuffs they made use for blending music which people can’t even expect that it is possible. They accomplish it through the use of iPhones, marbles and other random items.

  3. Avoid Advertisements

    Remember that viral marketing is not about advertisements. As mentioned previously, it is driven by pure emotions. Let your emotions create an interesting without any advertisements that can distract it.

  4. Keep The Viral Always On

    Once you already get the people’s attention, it just means that you have to do more. Don’t keep them hanging or wondering on things. Provide them with something the same like a sequel to keep their attention focus on you or on your blog.

  5. Importance of Social Media

    Viral marketing is also about sharing and the most critical point is at the initial stage. Let all you know, your friends and family share your post. Once the sharing starts, it would keep everyone curious as what your post is all about. Anyway, no one would want to be left out, right?

  6. Don’t Ignore Comments

    Connecting with your comments is an essential part of viral marketing. Replying to comments is one example.