The 6C’s of Facebook Marketing Strategy

Your online business strategy success start with your clear mission—Why you are using Facebook, what you offer and what you want to attract. Treat Facebook as a mission like drive force for your business being clear to everyone -prospects, customers and employees with what your company is really all about. Below are the 6C’s that can help you.

1. Clarity:

This is quite a little obvious already as every online business strategy should be with clarity meaning there should be focus. Making your focus obvious to everybody is to use tagline on every picture post and a call to action. Just imagine how a facebook post would be useless without the call of action being added. Call to action somehow tells readers what to do next and if ever there is none, they might be seeing your page as no purpose.

2. Content:

Be creative with your content. Something that can readily attracts a lot of shares and likes. Use photos instead of pure written content or videos that are easy to share and like. Mostly people have a quite a short span and video and photos can help fix this one.

3. Connection:

Create some connection by telling everyone that you are human and your page is not just manned by some robotics. This is done through engaging with your fans. Answer all messages, comment a reply to your status or a mere status update to say Good morning to everyone.

4. Campaign:

The good thing about Facebook is the fact they have their own campaign plan for ads which you can easily try yourself. If not you can try an online business strategy like a giveaway or contest that can still help getting more people to your fan page..

5. Conversion:

This is now the hard part in which you are able to convert your fan base into cold hard cash. This is then the best time to promote your business product or services.

6. Culture:

This talks about your brand culture that should be seen in your Facebook fan page as well on how manage your Facebook community, your response time, type of content you share and etc. This is your overall Facebook engagement with everybody.