Discover How an Expert Earns From his Travel Blog Full Time

Travel BloggingDerek Earl Baron is one of the famous travel bloggers you can learn from on how to make money off a blog. His blog is that has evolved from his first few earnings online.

Selling eBooks

Travel bloggers have the opportunity to both “do” and “teach.” They do what they want and follow their passion of travelling then write their experiences and later earned from it. Through eBooks, they can teach a lot of aspiring travellers basing from their own travels and personal experiences.
Selling eBooks was also the same strategy Earl first discovered after dumping his work in a cruise ship. Since a lot of travel bloggers are doing the thing, he figured it might also be possible for him. However, not all means that time became positive for his first few tries failed. But the consistency of his self-positivity was the very thing that led him to the right path.

Launching Your Own Guided Tour

After a few phases online, offline is as well another opportunity to try on as a way of promoting and expanding your ways on how to make money off a blog. A guided tour is an example. You can invite your subscribers for a guided tour where you can take to places that you have already been to. It is always the personal experiences and discoveries that keep your own tour unique.


As soon as your blog gets traffic and starts getting famous, companies themselves would soon contact you for sponsorships. The advantage is most of the products and services are closely related to your travel niche.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another strategy you can add up to your list on how to make money off a blog. The earnings may not be that big but when joined with your other earnings, the sum total can already be enough to support your travel plans. Amazon site remains to be the best choice for affiliate marketing.

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