Make Money From Home Blogging

The definition of blogging has discernably changed through the ages. What was used as a platform to log daily activities—hence the term weblog, or blog for short—has now branched out to different types. There are now photo blogs, video blogs, or even ones that are condensed into 140-character microblogs.

One more interesting thing to note about the change in the purpose of blogs is that these days, blogs can easily be monetized. If you want to make money from home, blogging is definitely one thing you should consider.

But how does one start a blog, really? Before proceeding with the first post, you might want to consider a few more things that will help you start and maintain your blog with ease.

1. Choose a Domain.

Owning a blog is usually free or inexpensive. So, it’s up to you whether you want to invest on a domain that allows you to customize your blog URL better, or have it hosted in sites like WordPress or Blogger. Just remember that when you choose to do the latter, you do not get your own domain, but a sub-domain. This means that the sub-domain will always be included in your blog’s URL. For example, if your blog is hosted in Blogger, your URL should be something like this:

Aside from the URL issues, using a paid domain allows you to attach keywords to your entries. This will help search engines recognize the contents of your blogs better and in turn, help you rank faster. If you’re also starting a blog so that you can make money from it in the future, you might want to consider the possibilities of being able to put up ads.

2. Choose a Blog Concept.

Remember that if you intend to make money from home blogging, it must be second nature for you to always find something that is blog-worthy. This can easily be done when you choose a topic that you are most passionate about. Is it about politics? Popular culture? Fashion? It should be something that you know you’ll always find something fresh to write about, or a theme that will reflect your day-to-day experience.

It doesn’t hurt to have a good mix of topics on your blog, but focusing on one concept will help you be more purposive of what you write and later on add “character” to your blog. This also gives you an opportunity to find the right kind of audience—if you know that your forte is say, fashion, it will be easier for you to have a connection with your readers who share the same passion.

3. Offer Something on your Blog.

This doesn’t always have to be a giveaway. Remember that it’s important to attract quality readers at first, and you can do this by giving them content that will make them come back for more. This could come in the form of tutorials, DIYs, reviews of certain products, a top list, or anything that will really offer value to your audience.

4. Be Present on Social Media Networking Sites.

You can start with the basics—Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Aside from being able to reach more people, this will also give your blog a boost in terms of virality. Having social media links on your blog will help your readers share your content easily. Moreover, this will make them feel that a more intimate level of communication is happening because they can actually tag you on their posts. Imagine how much more if you reply to them directly.

One more reason why you should keep social media accounts for your blogs is that this will help you reach out to your fellow bloggers as well. Not only will you be able to stay in the loop of what your co-bloggers are doing, but being part of a blog network also does wonders to your ranking.

Building your audience really is what will attract prospective clients. Apart from content, they will always look at your page views and your following if they want you to promote a specific product. The key takeaway? If you’re really keen on making money from home blogging, always remember that your readership is the lifeblood of your blog.