Private Home Business VS Home Based Franchise

Home-based way to earn money has already gained popularity because through the years, technology has made it easier to work from home, or work from wherever you are. This is true even for business opportunities, it has become for most business owners to manage their remotely. How-ever, the question of what business type you should invest in still remains.

Before we go to the nitty gritty of the best option, let us first identify these options. First, we have private home businesses. Online work from home opportunities range from selling home-made products, buying and selling products online, or offering services such as encoding, typing, and what not. The other option is home-based franchising. This is common for people who invest in real estate, such as time sharing, and all inclusive travel deals. So now that we have identified the two, it is better to asses which options fit you based on a couple of questions.

What type of business person are you?

This goes without saying that if you are the type who wants a different challenge everyday and likes to stay hands-on on the venture, you should go for the private home business. On the other hand, if you are looking into spending most of your day on leisure, and has a tendency to lean on something that makes residual income for you, then a home-based franchise is the option for you, given that this type is already “pre-arranged,” from the paperwork to the ideation to the collaterals.

What type of business do you have in mind? If you already have business venture in mind (this is for people who easily come up with creative new ideas each day), and would like to pursue this, franchising might not have the flexibility that your creative mind needs room for. Similarly, if you are more passionate on the business side of things rather than the creative side, then go for a franchise.

How long are you willing to wait before your get your ROI?

Depending on the industry, the re-turn of investment for private home based businesses might take a while because they are starting from scratch, from the ground up. But as mentioned earlier, this allows you to establish your business based on your preferences. However, if you don’t mind total conformity, then a home based franchise is the best fit for you, since you can get your ROI sooner than most private businesses.

Pinning down the pros and cons of each business type could be a tedious task because of the fact that each type has its own beauty. What will help you decide, at the end of the day, is to ask your-self what kind of business opportunities could lead you to what you want and need.