A Shift from Traditional to Online Marketing

To prove how local business found legit ways to make money online is to show the facts that local online business marketing itself, have grown an $18 to $40 billion market in just 4 years. It is true as local businesses have shifted online to find new clients and grow. The new technologies like mobile and social media are just a few that have helped them open and embrace new marketing techniques. Below are some old techniques you need to get over with and start moving on with the new ones for better earnings.

E-mail is the new Direct Mail

Except if you are writing a love letter, direct mails are more preferred, but when talking about local business marketing; e-mail is the most practical. For a year of daily sending of direct mails, a couple of bucks can indeed be spent. But for e-mails, every penny is saved because it’s free. Statistics show that for every $1 you invest in email marketing , you get $38 in revenue back.

Local Online Directories are the newest Phone Books

People now prefer to search the internet rather than browse the endless pages of phonebooks or directory. If you have not optimized yet your business online at local SEO and online directories, you’ll be losing thousands of real customers.

Facebook, Twitter and Yelp is the trending word of mouth

80% of new businesses come from word of mouth recommendations but what happens when almost all the people are locked in their houses surfing the net. That’s where Facebook, Twitter and Yelp can be of good use and be part of your legit ways to make money online. Every hashtag, opinion or status is very important especially if it’s about your company which either will be a good or a bad effect to your earnings.