Small Business Marketing Tips: How To Stand Out From The Crowd

Learn two fast and easy ways to make your small business stand out in an oversaturated, overcrowded market. Watch the video now to learn more.

Marie is are so right on this one. It really helps a lot to limit the amount of time you spend on blogs of others in your industry and find inspiration elsewhere. It really does keep things fresh and focused on making your offerings unique instead of trying to “compete” with others in your industry.

Here’s what other got to say about this topic:
“There’s nothing wrong with copying and stealing ideas as long as you make them YOURS. And a great way to do that, just like you say, is by going outside your industry/ genre/ incestuous little market. For pete’s sake, if you’re a marketer, don’t use the word “guru” – because everyone else already has. But if you’re a Smurf expert who coaches Smurfs to be better Smurfs, then by all means, call yourself a “The Smurf Guru.” That’s taking it and making it yours.”

“Thank you for this perspective. I have been really doing the “modeling” thing for some time, and really looking to my mentor for advice in my own business development. As I become more bold, and more confident in my own services, my sales, and my marketing, I feel that YES- I have so much juice to offer that is uniquely my own. I can take my love for dance into my coaching business! I can unite my sensual nature and tantra tendencies with my business.. may the blending begin!”